Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Exorcist and LEGION Republished in One Volume

Cemetery Dance Publications, best known for their work with Stephen King and Dean Koontz, is also publishing collectible editions by William Peter Blatty.

In 2009, they published a special hardcover edition of his classic haunted house novella, Elsewhere. The signed editions are sold out, but the trade edition is now in its second printing.

In 2010, Cemetery Dance will publish The Exorcist and Legion in one special volume. Featuring the two classic William Peter Blatty novels in one beautiful volume for the first-time ever, this oversized deluxe special SIGNED edition will be a must-have for any collector of horror. This incredible collector's edition also includes original B&W artwork by acclaimed artist Keith Minnion and the entire career spanning interview
conducted by Cemetery Dance Managing Editor Brian Freeman, covering Blatty's life and career from the 1950s to the present. Both the Limited Edition and the Lettered Edition are signed by William Peter Blatty and there are no plans at this time to publish a trade edition of this special volume.

And finally, Cemetery Dance magazine issue #62 was a William Peter Blatty Special Issue featuring three original contributions by Blatty: "Epilogue: The Exorcist" and "Prologue to Exorcist III: Legion", which were "lost" sections of the screenplays of those movies, and "Terry and the Werewolf", an original short story Blatty wrote in the 1960s that never saw print. Also in the issue was an excerpt of a career spanning interview conducted by Cemetery Dance Managing Editor Brian Freeman and "An Invitation To The Dance, Legion: Exorcist III" by Kealan Patrick Burke. The cover artwork was painted by Les Edwards.

[Cemetery Dance Publications is an official sponsor of WildClaw's LEGION]

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