Friday, March 5, 2010

Horror Style: Rosemary's Baby $5000 Haircut

Horror films deliver gore, scares, and screams...but fashion? Never say never. Perhaps one of the most influential haircuts of all time came from the 1968 film Rosemary's Baby. Director Roman Polanski had Vidal Sassoon flown to the LA set to give Miss Mia Farrow a haircut for a grand total of $5000! (Though Mr. Sassoon recently revealed that the short pixie cut was actually less a stroke of genius and more about a botched scissor job that occurred from a fight Mia had with a someone involving some scissors! Possibly her husband at the time Mr. Frank Sinatra...mysterious, no?). It was a marvelous publicity stunt for the film and was much copied after the fact.

Will Wildclaw have the same success as a fashion trendsetter? That remains to be seen, although Wildclaw's own Brian Amidei is definitely testing the fashionable nerves of a certain costume designer with his ridiculous mustache configuration and hugely puffy hair. Perhaps it will be the next big thing in Chicago among horror fans? You be the judge gentle theatre goers.

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