Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Blob (etc.)

Here goes another unsolicited shout-out to our friends in Chicago theatre doing weird, horror related stuff.

Mr. Morlock had a lovely evening a week or two ago imagining he was old enough to remember the vibe of 60s drive-in B-movies. (He's close, but not that old. Young ladies, don't be scared away...) Cornservatory delivered a beautiful and absolutely hilarious homage to that very vibe with a stage adaptation of perhaps the most absurd period monster movie ever: "Somewhat Gelatinous Blob From Beyond the Grave... and That Grave Is In Outer Space!!" Seriously, that's the title.

Believe that it's their closing weekend. But you by damn shouldn't see their show before seeing ours, William Peter Blatty's LEGION -- the sequel to the Exorcist, yo! -- but it is admittedly a fine funny show. (Goddammit! shouts the crazy guy from the Pentagon. You'll have to see the show to get it.)

Anyhoo, Mr. Morlock will now spend the rest of his evening reassembling his apartment from the shambles of tech-week while pondering the ineffable heaviness that is KINDERMAN's THEORY of EVIL. You'll have to see OUR show to get it, but here's a hint:

The Big Bang = The Fall of Lucifer.

That's right. Physics and Demonology. Discuss. Enjoy.

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Morris said...

Authentic Vomit.