Thursday, March 4, 2010

Circus Auditions this Weekend

Jonny Stax, the Svengoolie of Strange behind Scooty & JoJo's The Carpenters Halloween and others, is calling for "people with bizarre talents." It strikes Mr. Morlock that that description could suit quite a number of y'all.

And keep in mind, even if you don't have a plate-spinning or a trained three-headed dog act, he's also looking for puppet masters, costume and makeup artists. If you've got the know-how to create a conjoined twin suit, give him a shout. Mr. Morlock might be biased by his love for flamboyant facial hair, but it's also rather well accepted that Jonny Stax runs one of the tightest, goofiest, most encouraging and rewarding ships in town.

Audition Notice:

Have you ever wanted to quit your job and join the circus? Are you a singer, dancer, actor, improviser, comedian, puppeteer, or clown? Do you have an odd and entertaining skill – plate spinning, juggling, contortionist, glass chewing? Do you perform drag, burlesque, magic, freak characters, card tricks, or something else uniquely entertaining? Hiring guest and core performers of all sizes, shapes, genders, races, and ages. All positions paid.

About the project:

A circus for dance/rock venues throughout the city of Chicago. Performances are May 15 – June 25.


March 7 from 1-9pm, March 8 from 6-9pm, March 9 from 6-9pm, and March 10 from 6-9pm. Please send your headshot, resume, and/or any samples of your work available online to Include your availability for all audition times. If you have a special act, please be prepared to perform a portion.
About the company:

Jonny Stax Presents performance entertainment that liberates participants from boundaries that limit self-expression and social justice. He is the co-founder, co-presenter, and executive producer of The Scooty and JoJo Show ( with such cult hits as CARPENTERS HALLOWEEN, DIVA BRUNCH, and MOLLYWOOD. Production formats include cabaret, circus, theater, puppets, and film.

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Trelbee said...

The list of labels for this made me smile.