Friday, July 31, 2009

Yes, Michigan....the horrors!

I just returned from Lakeside Shakespeare's latest Michigan endeavor where myself, Brian Amidei, and one Charley Sherman did some seriously awesome damage to the Bard. Sadly, there was little to no gore or horror to be had on stage (unless you count the ridiculous fake nose on one Brian Amidei and the assortment of outfits worn by one Steve Hirson). It was a veritable Wildclaw greatest hits show up there with the three company members involved and cast and crew from several past shows: Lily, Tom, Michaela, and Steve from Great God Pan...Misha Fiksel from Revenants...etc. Great great fun. But by far the scariest thing...was seeing a certain British Artistic Director's legs in shorts. Photos of the shows can be found at Lakeside's Facebook page. Check out the pics and, better yet, the shows if you can!

Oh, and another scary thing found in Michigan: Felch Street. No lie.

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