Friday, July 31, 2009

Fear Itself on DVD

Fear Itself never got its day in court. The Mick Garris-created series went on hiatus just before the Beijing Olympics in 2008, leaving 5 episodes unaired. These episodes were supposed to air, finally, in January of this year, but they never did. Now, the first season of Fear Itself is on DVD, complete with those unaired episodes. As you might expect from any primetime network attempt at horror, the quality of the episodes varies. But several installments were quite good (particularly "Eater," "The Sacrifice," "New Year's Day," and "Skin and Bones"). Thinking back on it, considering they only aired 8 episodes and 4 of those were pretty damn good, that's really not a bad track record for an anthology series.

The DVD set of the first and only season of Fear Itself is scheduled to hit shelves September 15. It appears Netflix will be stocking it as well.

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