Friday, July 31, 2009

Prepare Yourself...Horror Dolls Yall!

Weeee. Those of you that know me are well aware of my love for fashion dolls. Much to poor Brian's chagrin, our apartment is filled with them. My favorite company, Tonner Doll, just came out with their Fall 2009 Collection...and holy crap it rules. Now why, you ask, are you telling us, lovers of horror, about dolls? Do they kill people? Do they chase Karen Black about an apartment? Well, yes and no. This year Tonner has surprised us all with a truly fabulous line of dark characters, the Sinister Circus! The storyline for these dolls sort of cribs from Carnivale...but it's most definitely dark and these characters would fit in nicely in your horror collections.

First thing...these ain't barbies folks. These are very detailed, articulated little works of art. Creepy little works of art too...

Now where to buy these? If you are in Chicago, you can order them through the local store Gigi and Sherry's Dolls. They are super sweet and you can save on shipping by picking them up. I also recommend Cherished Friends online.

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