Monday, June 8, 2009

If You Kill Me, Bury Me Deep

'Cause I will haunt her...' Oh. My. Goodness, this rocks.

This from Friend of WildClaw, Mort Castle (recently returned from conquering Poland and teaching at Columbia in his spare time.)

It takes a couple of seconds to get into it, but please, trust Mr. Morlock. You will fall madly in love with each one of these women, and if you don't shout "Hell Yeah!" at least once during the six-string electric slide banjo solo (I know, six-string electric slide banjo?!?!?) then your blood has congealed and it's time to lay down and die.

Oh, and submit your ten-minute nightmares to DeathScribe 2009 by the end of July. Seriously, do it.

1 comment:

vicjoy1945 said...

Hey !!

These gals are awesome !!

I really enjoyed surfin the net to find more of their music. I found a great clip of them playing rockabilly as a group called The Slaptones !!

Check em out !!

They are HOT !!