Friday, June 26, 2009

Chicago Zombie Con This Saturday!

ZOMBIE-CON this Saturday!

Here are the event details:

We are making people up as Zombies for $5.
All proceeds will be donated to Arts of Life.
Here is the Art’s of Life page:

Here is the run down of events:

12pm - 1pm: General Zombie Survival
1pm - 2pm: Zombie Make-up
2pm - 3pm: Zombie Chef
3pm - 4pm: Escape from Chicago
4pm - 5pm : Zombie readings
5pm - 6pm: Contest (best zombie, zombie cat walk)
6pm - 8pm: Social Hour (Adult and kid beverages)

11am - 2pm Jeff Balke (will have limited sketch colorings)
12pm - 2pm Tim Seely (Hack/Slash)
2pm - 4pm Shaun Lapcek (Lillim)

There will be a hourly RAFFLE so make sure that you sign up. DC donated some cool prizes.

I know it will be very hot that day, I will have lots of water on hand. I don’t want dead zombies.

This should be lots of fun and we should have tons of people. I want to thank everyone that has and will be helping out!

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