Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please to meet you...don't forget my name!

So Charlie did I guess I should as well. I'm company member Aly Greaves. I handle the costumes, makeup, and the podcasts. When not making monster puppets or coming up with 2000 costumes for our fearless leader's next play, I do a podcast about Joss Whedon and Buffy called Undead America. I also write a blog about my many hobbies called Alyrenee's Copious Spare Time. I also customize action figures, draw comics, write audio dramas, contribute to podcasts like Starkville's House of El and the Scapecast, and knit with a vengeance. I'm a big comic geek, game player, and horror nerd. Nice to meet you.



Charlie said...

Aly, you such such a badass. You are going to rock San Diego.

Mr. Morlock said...

who's the hottie in the middle?
seriously, I'd like to roll that goofy dew-raggy melon right down his neck and through his own sternum and make him swallow his own lungs.

Mr. Morlock said...

oops. sorry. just a little disappointed with how the Pirates trilogy turned out.