Thursday, March 31, 2011

Suspiria remake might actually happen....happiness, sadness, or murderous rage?

I just heard about this though rumors have been around since 2008...I cannot decide how I feel.  In general I loathe remakes. So my first instinct is to hate.  However, I do like David Gordon Green though...what do you, loyal readers of the claw, think?

But will there be the amazing Goblin score?

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Trelbee said...

I've yet to see a Remake (and the capitol there means strictly from the new wave of remakes in the last five years) that I've liked. Usually my reaction varies from "Eh, I didn't love the original anyway" to "You should be crucified for your blasphemy!"

I wish not to have any of these reactions to anything concerning Suspiria. So I am sad/irritated.