Friday, December 3, 2010

We hope you join us on Monday for DEATHSCRIBE 2010. With the help of our wonderful friends Seeking Wonderland, Krista Soli, John Wilson, Sarah Gorsky, Matt Klingler, Steve Ratcliffe, Gene Cordon, Mike Peters, Ann Followill, Devon Candura, Julie Hurt, Mary O'Dowd, Carolyn Klein, Anderson Lawfer, John Ferrick, Michele Courvais, Michaela Petro, Steve Herson, Joe Foust, Molly Glynn, Deb Baker, Pat Smillie, Loretta Rezos, and Tom Hickey, WildClaw will present to you five original Horror Radio Dramas, with live sound effects, written by Chris Hainsworth, Jude Mire, Liz Siedt, David Schmidt, and Newt Calkins.

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