Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Weekend for Alien Queen

As any careful reader of this blog will know, Mr. Morlock's esthetic tastes are pretty... questionable. Any one with dietary restrictions on salt shouldn't take his recommendations, as several large grains are usually necessary.


Seriously. The second best horror movie and the second best action movie of all time, set to the music of the second best rock band ever?!? (If you really care what the first best in each of those categories are, shame on you -- have your own damn opinions!) Mr. Morlock saw it last weekend with Lady Trelbee and several friends and let me tell you people... IT ROCKS!!!

If you saw their Carpenter's Halloween, if you didn't and you're tired of people telling you what you missed, if you have a freaking pulse... GO SEE ALIEN QUEEN!!

It closes this weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if it reopens next year in Vegas. Or in Xanadu. Or Oz. It's huge, it's hilarious, it's awesome.

Do it.

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