Friday, October 29, 2010

DEATHSCRIBE 2010 Final Lineup

After months of reading, we have made our final decisions for DEATHSCRIBE 2010. Before going any further, we at WildClaw want to sincerely thank EACH AND EVERY author who submitted a script for this years festival. We are humbled and honored that so many talented, passionate people were willing to share their talent with us. This was the most competitive crop of scripts we've received to date, and we were very excited by the quantity and quality of horror plays we had the pleasure of reading. We had some very hard decisions to make, and we thank everyone who submitted for your contribution. Radio horror is alive and well!

That said, we are very pleased to announce our lineup for

DEATHSCRIBE 2010, The Third Annual International Festival of Radio Horror Plays


CHATTER, by Newt Calkins, directed by Greg Kolack

TAPE DECK, by Liz Siedt, directed by Bob Fisher

MONITOR SPECTARE, by Jude Mire, directed by Lance Baker

THE D'ARQUE HOUSE, by Christopher Hainsworth, directed by Nic Dimond

THE CHANGE IN BUCKETT COUNTY, by David Schmidt, directed by Carolyn Klein.

We hope to see you at the Mayne Stage, on Monday, December 6th, 8pm. Tickets on sale now.

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Trelbee said...

So, when are you guys going to take a subtle hint and make Chris and Jude Wildclaw members, since they obviously produce such awesome and consistent horror masterpieces? You can't keep accidentally picking their plays without noticing a trend at this point... :)