Monday, October 18, 2010

DEATHSCRIBE 2010 Directors

We are very excited to announce our lineup of guest directors for the 3rd Annual DEATHSCRIBE Radio Horror Festival.

These talented men and women have taken on the creepy task of crafting the eerie and spooky stories that will make up DEATHSCRIBE 2010, on Monday December 5th, at the historic Mayne Stage.

The directors for DEATHSCRIBE 2010 are:

Nic Dimond - Artistic Director of Strawdog Theatre & director of DEATHSCRIBE 2009's winning piece.

Carolyn Klein – Actor and director, ensemble member of Seanachai Theatre and an artistic associate with Strange Tree.

Bob Fisher – Artistic Director of The Mammals.

Lance Baker - Actor and director, ensemble member of A Red Orchid Theatre.

Greg Kolack – Jeff Award winning director, with a long list of Chicago and Midwest productions to his credit.

There you have it. Watch this blog for the announcement of the five final DEATHSCRIBE 2010 submissions, coming soon!

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