Friday, August 21, 2009

National Socialist Zombies

Bloody Disgusting reports that yet another battalion of zombified Nazis is on the way, in Outpost II: Black Sun, director Steve Barker's follow-up to 2008's DVD release Outpost.

Both of these films involve the same zombie concept. Those bastard Nazis were trying to create invincible soldiers by experimenting with Reanimation and so forth, and in doing so created zombies that are still hangin' out in Eastern Europe.

Fuckin' Nazis.

I'm fascinated by horror movies that involve the military, and Nazis specifically have their own horror tradition (no doubt because their ideology was, for lack of a better term, evil). While we're invoking the universal baddies of the 1930s and 40s, the concept of Nazi zombies plays very much into modern fears. It could be that military powers, in an attempt to stay ahead of each other, have perverted, mutated, and will ultimately cause the downfall of mankind. Nuclear proliferation, biological warfare, eugenics, what have you. It plays to our fear that people are making decisions in our "defense" that will lead to our obliteration.

Another possibility (a more historical commentary) is that the atrocities of WWII and the Holocaust were/are so great, that the Nazis are forever damned (as we perceive zombies to be), or at the very least that their blight on Europe will not so soon be washed away as this. Watching Band of Brothers recently, I find myself wondering if we've already, a mere 60 years later, tragically pushed WWII into the realm of distant mythology. Nothing would remind us of the evil committed during that time quite like SS zombies still wearing their totenkopf.

Maybe it's that brutality, arrogance and racism (which the Nazis embody) will never be defeated entirely.

Maybe it's just a zombie movie with Nazis, because Nazis are scary.

Haven’t seen a report yet of when Outpost II will be released, or if it will be a straight-to-DVD like its predecessor or, thanks to the original’s critical attention and success in Europe, if it will receive a theatrical release in the States.

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