Friday, February 27, 2009

Wildclaw Junior: Coraline!

We here at Wildclaw love kids (well maybe not Brian). So what if half of our shows featured bad things happening to children? It doesn't mean we did not shed a tear. We here at Wildclaw also love horror (obviously) and want to encourage you, gentle readers, to introduce the wonderful world of horror to your children in responsible and fun ways.

I will admit that I saw a ridiculous amount of horror as a child at far too young of an age...mostly my own fault. I sought it out at the library, stayed up late watching cable, or waited for the unscrupulous babysitter to come over to get my gorey fix. I am also not here to shake my finger at parents who think it's cool to bring their ten year old to see My Bloody Valentinein 3-D (though I think you are crazy).

To this day I shudder at the mere mention of Sleepaway Camp...very confusing times followed that one. Alien still scares the snot out of me and I read the Shining when I was ten leading to a terrible fear of topiary. However, horror did feed my imagination as a youngster. I craved scary stories. I have already mentioned in an early post my favorite childhood book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It is a wonderful classic with fabulous illustrations that I would not hestitate to hand to a curious and morbid youngster.

My next recommendation comes from the marvelous Neil Gaiman. Coralineis Mr. Gaiman's dark fantasy novella from 2002. It swiftly won a gaggle of rewards and has spun off into a graphic novel, an upcoming stage musical, video games, and the recently released film by Henry Selick. There is even a wonderful audiobook version performed by Neil Gaiman himself.

The novella is fabulous. I cannot say enough about it. The film takes this marvelous story and expands it in a way that stays true to the novel's original spirit and author's voice. I won't give a synopsis here...there are plenty of places to find them online...just do yourself and your children a favor and get them the book, read it, and then take them to the movie. Adults will love it as much as the kids (assuming your kids like to visit spookyboots street...for it is indeed spooky). And of course, being a costume designer, I have got to love any story the so heavily revolves around a villainous who wants to sew buttons over people's eyes...muhahahaha!

I am also quite fond of the film due to some adorable craftiness...the super cute tiny knits by the amazing Althea Crome.

You can even make your own Coraline gloves in grownup form! Knitter, blogger, and podcaster Tikabelle developed a free pattern for the adorable gloves from the film. I plan to make a pair for myself shortly. You can also make your own star sweater too!


Dante said...

I am pretty sure that I am not the only member of WildClaw that does not LOVE children. Anyone? Anyone?

Charlie said...

Well, it does bring to mind the great Stephen King quote, "Why, yes, I do have the heart of a child. It's in a jar on my desk."

(BTW - my Word Verification is "undeld". Close, but no cigar.)

Charlie said...

I, for one, look forward to Deathscribe Jr..