Monday, January 12, 2009

Mort Castle's "The Stranger" hits Top 10

FOWC (Friend of WildClaw) Mort Castle, celebrity panelist for DeathScribe 2008, has seen the Polish translation for his 1984 novel "The Strangers" make the list of "10 Best Horror/Suspense/Thriller Novels of 2008" in NEWSWEEK POLSKA.

Or so he tells me. I can't read Polish. Pretty cool though, yes?

Speaking of cool things Mort Castle does, check out It's a portal for audio files (and -philes, I suppose) where you can download a great selection short stories -- from two or three minutes to a half an hour or so -- all for under a buck. It's pretty damn groovy.

I'm personally a fan of the two jazz stories there from Mort's Moon on the Water collection, but there's also plenty of good creepy, violent horror. Check out I'll Call You, read by a Chicago actor of some notoriety, Kurt Ehrmann.

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Mr. Morlock said...

Just got this from Mort:

"I've just learned that Księżyc na wodzie, the Polish translation of my short story collection MOON ON THE WATER, is reviewed in the current issue of NEWSWEEK POLSKA; the review calls the book "one of the best books published in Poland last year."

"Tell you the truth, I'm pretty happy."

Let's hear it for the hottest thing since pierogi.