Saturday, December 13, 2008

WildClaw Kenneth Hite Interview

Kenneth Hite

We have a brand new, exclusive interview with Weird Tales Magazine Lovecraft columnist, Kenneth Hite. Ken is also an award-winning Role Playing Game designer with his recently released Trail of Cthulhu from Pelgrane Press.

Some excerpts from the Kenneth Hite interview:
"(Charley Sherman's) decisions sort of build out the city of Arkham and what’s going on, with the witch cult and the disappearing babies every May Eve and the whole rest of it. Giving it that sort of… what I told Charley - invert noir. Where you’ve got this dark secret that encompasses the whole town and the people who find out about it are literally the two least powerful characters in the entire play – Gilman and the girl. So, I thought that was structurally really interesting and obviously anything with blood and monsters and hyperspace is great fun to watch and they did a great job with that part too."

"Some people come to Lovecraft for the sense of mounting dread and personal annihilation that Lovecraft does in his stories as well. Something like Gilman in Dreams in the Witch House and the play carries that off terrifically."

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