Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Four Pan Performances Left

Four. Count 'em. Four.

See The Great God Pan this week before you become one of those folks who asks us if we videotaped it for everyone who missed it.

We didn't.


vicjoy1945 said...

Hey Blood !!

I saw the show Saturday night and absolutely loved it ! Wonderful, incredible, and fully comitted performances !!

The "hand" in the "Paul Street" house scene was fantastic and beautifully set up by the actors.

Also, the Villier's death scene was fantastic too!! The "entrails" "dropping on cue" (although there was really no actual cue...thank G-D for "live" theatre) was awesome !!

Actually, my personal favorite "death" scene was the "Sweeney Todd" ending of Reynolds !! How did you manage to build up such great blood "pressure" !?!

Hey YES !! The show was VERY "Hammer" like fact, I'm watching "Horror of Dracula" as we speak...

FYI - "Horror of Dracula" would make a VERY, VERY good play !?! Perhaps in the fall !?!


The Daemon's of WildClaw said...

Thanks, Vic! We appreciate your support. Stay tuned to the BLOOD RADIO and the WildClaw website for what's up next.

We're in the secret lair now, brewing up something horrific.