Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eight Chances Left

There are eight performances left of the critically acclaimed production, The Great God Pan! Get your tickets!! Say the word "BLOOD" at the Athenaeum Theater box office and get a fabulous discount on your ticket.

"If this is the WildClaw standard for horror, we'll gladly be horrified again."
- TimeOut Chicago

"fantastically executed"
- Killer_works.com

"spooky fun in the vein of the classic Hammer Films thrillers of the 1950s and '60s"
- Chicago Reader

"It delivers the guts and gore you crave and you may actually get blood spattered on you."
- The Chicagoist

1 comment:

Susan as herself said...

I am seeing this tonight---CANNOT WAIT!

And incidentally, I moved to Chicago from NYC in 1992, and one of the very first shows I saw in my new city was "In the Flesh" at The Organic. What a blast that was!!!!