Friday, May 20, 2011

Fright Night 2011 trailer

Everyone has their opinions of remakes -- personally, except for a few here & there, I am not a fan of them... until now. Choosing Colin Farrell to play the sexy vamp next door may change all that. Throw in a little David Tennant and you cannot go wrong! I only hope this does not disappoint me the way Y2K did.


alyrenee said...

Oh my..well i thought I would hate it but they might have me with David Tennant as the Roddy McDowell guy...hmmmm.

alyrenee said...

I will miss the totally awesome 80s fashion from the original. This new one will not have been shopped at the Merry Go Round.

_coye said...

hahahah, Merry Go Round and Chess King!