Thursday, October 15, 2009

THE BROOD at the Music Box

David Cronenberg's THE BROOD (1979) screens tomorrow night at the beautiful Music Box. Friday, October 16 at MIDNIGHT.

Start your weekend off the WildClaw way with mutant kids and quack doctors. Sounds lovely.

"It's Cronenberg's Kramer Vs. Kramer - although Benton's film never featured dwarfish homicidal psychopaths amongst its methods for bridging irreconcilable differences" ~ Movie Gazette

Synopsis from IMDB:

A man's wife is under the care of an eccentric and unconventional psychologist who uses innovative and theatrical techniques to breach the psychological blocks in his patients. When their daughter comes back from a visit with her mother and is covered with bruises and welts, the father attempts to bar his wife from seeing the daughter but faces resistance from the secretive psychologist. Meanwhile, the wife's mother and father are attacked by strangely deformed children, and the man begins to suspect a connection with the psychologist's methods.

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