Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wildclaw Kickoff Party Monday Sept. 2nd at T's

Come on over to T's in Andersonville, 5025 N. Clark Street,Chicago, IL 60640 on September 22nd to have a drink with Wildclaw and meet the cast, crews, and writers for our next season! Every little slurp you take helps sponsor our next season of goriness. No charge...just show up, hang with the crowd, and order yourself some beverages. Maybe buy one for the little Wildclaw Daemon...that guy gets no love.

And best of your tickets for Deathscribe in person...hand us some cash and we will hand you a ticket for $15. Cheers!

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vicjoy1945 said...

OK...this one I think I can make...I really want to support your theatre company because (1) I've been a Horror Film fan since I was a kid (many centurys ago when "SHE" ruled the world) and (2) because I'm an actor myself ( least thats what I claim to be...but don't be shocked if I go all "Vincent Price/Theatre Of Blood on you) and (3) I love a frightfully good (& drunken)'m not Jerry G. Bishop...or...Frank McNally...just an honest to goodness ole time FMFL afficienado who would have elected Forrest J. Ackerman to the Presidency if I could have !! voted for Pat Paulsen instead...sue me !!