Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sign of the Apocalypse: Michael Bay Remaking Rosemary's Baby

Read this and tremble my friends...TREMBLE! Why oh why remake this film and with this guy? I can already see the Dawson's Creek attractive cast and soundtrack by Aerosmith...oh and don't forget major tie-in deals with Pepsi. Shudder.

Instead, watch the original from 1968. Directed and adapted by Roman Polanski from Ira Levin's novel, Rosemary's Baby starred Mia Farrow, a dishy John Cassavetes, and Ruth Gordon, who scored an Oscar for her role. Basically, a young couple moves into the troubled Bramford apartment building in New York, makes nice with the elderly neighbors, and then has sex with the devil followed by a demonic pregnancy...you know, the typical New York housewarming gift. (hmmm...this sex with the devil/demonic pregnancy thing sounds VERY familiar...Mia and our own Michaela even have the same famous Vidal Sassoon haircut...hmmmmm). The film is high on the creep factor and the performances are great. This was from a time when you could get top grade actors to do horror films...and it shows. And oh how I love the end of the film. Any time you can get a bunch of senior citizens to shout, "All Hail Satan!"...well, you had me at Satan.

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(FYI...I do not endorse Satan, nor have I had sex with the devil. I cannot say the same for the rest of the company though...a bunch of wanton heathens the lot of them).



Brian said...

I agree. And do you want to bet one thousand and one dollars that Bay's re-make will not only suck, but will be rated pg-13, so that it can suck in front of the highest number of suckers willing to fork over thier money for that crap.

Katie said...

We recently got a proposal for an adaptation of Rosemary's Baby at Lifeline. We were all asked about it, and since it's one of my favorite movies and books, I felt qualified to say, "Why would we do that? Can we do better than the movie?"

Anita said...

i am getting the movie this weekend form netflix. i know. how dare i even claim cinefile.

alyrenee said...

I only recently saw it myself...so fear not...we won't kick you out of the clubhouse.

Anita said...

just saw rosemary's baby and it is when it wants to be scary, it is really really scary. it is wrong that i want all of her clothes? and ruth gordaon may be one of my favorite actors.