Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale

I need some help. (I know, that goes without saying.) I haven't read any of The Hunger Games series and would like to know the fundamental differences between it and Battle Royale. Anybody want to help me out here?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Studies in Scary - Suspiria

Dear wide world of horror fans,

As a new member of WildClaw, I’m under a bit of (self-imposed) pressure to beef up my knowledge of the horror genre. In particular, I’ve decided to focus on film and in an effort to expedite the process, Scott has graciously created my very own Netflix queue, chock-full of the baddest, bloodiest, and best horror fare a wife could ask for. You should know I’m a ‘fraidy-cat.

To further deepen my understanding and comprehension (and because, I guess sometimes I fall asleep while I watch movies, so I think this is sort of a test), Scott and I have decided to have a post-show chitty chat and blog about it here. So, as I work my way through the queue, we’ll post discussions, reactions and my favorite “watch through my fingers” moments. Ah, the memories of my first viewing of Silence of the Lambs come flooding back...

Up first: SUSPIRIA, Dario Argento’s 1977 horror gem. I thought, “Hey, I love dancing movies! An Italian film set in Germany? How romantic!” I had nooo idea what I was in for...

ps, if you were building YOUR classic horror film queue, what would be on it?! Mama’s got a lot to learn...


SCOTT: Every time we watch a horror movie together, there’s a moment, usually early on, when you look at me like “Why are you doing this to me?” What was that moment in Suspiria?

CASEY: Ah, yes, I know that moment well. I think that would be the scene in the bathroom, early on, where one woman is banging on the door and one is locked in there. It’s hella windy and she sees something, and is drawn to the window. It’s very suspenseful and made me cringe. Then, of course, some dead-ass hands grab her through the glass and she gets got and I was right. :)

S: Yeah, that’s a good one. Early on is when you get a loading dose of the film’s awesome, oppressive soundtrack, too.

C: Yes, for sure, it definitely sets the mood and the pace (of my pulse, at least). It gives you a sense of the frantic energy and manic lady mood swings to come.

S: One of my favorite things about that movie is the visual style. Bright colors, odd angles, shots framed like paintings. It’s very pretty and alluring, but then crazy disorienting.

C: It’s almost like a fantasy world, like they live in a piece of candy. Which would be great if it weren’t a psychotic piece of homicidal candy. Very rich colors, deep greens and reds, lots of close ups. It does feel like you’ve stepped into the biggest nightmare of a children’s book ever created.

S: What did you think of the main girl, Suzy?

C: I thought she was a lot more brave than I would be in her situation, and also way stupid. Curiosity almost kills the cat. But it’s not just Suzy; I often wonder in horror movies, when characters are in very dark or dangerous situations where they can feel in their guts that something is wrong, why they don’t immediately remove themselves from those situations? I guess, because, there would be no story if they did, but I’m the type of gal who moves subway cars the instant I feel dangerous vibes or some weirdo is just too weird.

S: So, do you think she’s being a hero when she’s going into the heart of darkness to find Helena Markos? Is it about revenge? If you were playing that role how would you justify it?

C: Maybe she thinks she has nothing to lose? She’s been drugged and essentially held captive for the better part of the film, so maybe she knows she has to get herself out, do it for herself, if she’s gonna get out alive. I wouldn’t say hero, I thought she was quite naive, actually, but she does take the initiative and determine she’s not going to let those crazy bitches decide her fate. There is a lot of bravery in avenging the death of her friend, certainly. And she makes it out alive, so bully for her!

S: The scene from the movie that really sticks with me is the scene in the city square, when Daniel the pianist is killed by his dog, creepy to think that the witches have enough power to make a loyal animal literally eat its owner. What sticks with you?

C: Oh my God, I know! I totally forgot about that! There is some dark shit going down in the Game of Thrones book I’m reading right now, involving animals turning on their owners (and I don’t know how or why yet, so don’t anybody ruin it for me!). That’s a great scene, very haunting.

Oh man, that undead biotch in the basement, her voice is the WORST. It’s like Kathleen Turner got stuck in a vault of cigar smoke for 150 years. It’s really, really terrible and very scary. And the fact that you can’t see her, she’s old as shit but she’s still very sharp and very dangerous. Oh man, she’s a nasty witch, dude. Overall, I thought the film was effectively spooktastic. You don't get the same bells and whistles that you see in more modern films, but the film gets into your head and delivers the thrills.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ice, ice, baby...

unwelcome guests at your door? serve them up drinks with ice cubes made in these awesome trays to either scare them away or coming back for more!

you can score these and more here! would you put these on your shopping list?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't be afraid of the dark...

I share Guillermo's memories of that 1973 TV movie, and have been haunted by it ever since.

I am very excited about this.

Director promises ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ remake has classic edge

Guillermo del Toro has monsters on the brain.

So many, in fact, that the Mexican-born director of such creature-filled fantasies as the Oscar-winning “Pan’s Labyrinth” and the “Hellboy” franchise is often compelled to empty his mind by sketching their portraits in one of his always-handy leather-bound journals.

But few supernatural beings have gripped his imagination quite as powerfully as those that frightened him when he was an impressionable 9-year-old: the vicious goblins that threaten actress Kim Darby in the 1973 TV movie “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.”

you're gonna need a bigger living room.

Maximo Riera is producing a line of chairs meshed with realistic sculptures of animals... the octopus is obviously my fave at the moment. check it out here.

shouldn't every chair come with a set of tentacles?

New American Horror Story Poster

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Horror Themed Fabric for all of your Crafty Needs!

I am in love with all of these.  Must get some and start sewing.  Check out the awesomeness....

10 Creepiest Dolls Ever

Click here to see 10 of the creepiest dolls ever created!

Dolls have always been collectors' items and things of fascination. Some people love them, some people think they are creepy little things… artist Olivier Pauwels has gone one step further and created a collection of dolls crossed with machinery that are so creepy they make your skin crawl a little.

Artist Jon Beinart creates bizarre yet fascinating doll sculptures he called "Toddlerpedes". He started out by assembling creatures from doll torsos, limbs and heads in order to amuse himself and his friends. Over the years Toddlerpedes evolved to imitate insects and mythological creatures.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fright Night; The Thing

Speaking of Charlie's post re: the Thing. Saw the trailer for the reboot/prequel/whatever-damn-terminology-is-appropriate before the remake/why-not/easier-than-marketing-something-original of Fright Night.

Weird. Trailer seemed to be the original Carpenter film on fast-forward. Like its going to be a shot-for-shot homage, a la that bizarro Gus Van Zandt exercise back the day. Only with a chick instead Snake Plisken. Really weird.

So how was Fright Night? A bit more than meh. Maybe a lot bit more than meh. Colin Farrell did seem to have a lot of fun in the two or three scenes he actually got to talk. And act. And jitter and twitch and sniff and smirk. Hell, it was a lot of fun. And you get "Evil Ed" McLovin in the final fight scene. If you can't be satisfied with that, you're watching the wrong movie.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Audiences Loving Scary Live Theatre

This article from Britain's Sky News discusses the tremendous popularity that scary thriller stage plays are enjoying in the English theatre. Plays like "Haunting Julia" and the sell-out play, "Ghost Stories" are making people faint and vomit from the tension. And you thought theatre was for wimps.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Lovecraft! You Scamp.

"Madness rides the star-wind... claws and teeth sharpened on centuries of corpses... dripping death astride a bacchanale of bats from nigh-black ruins of buried temples of Belial..."
"The Hound" Written by H. P. Lovecraft September 1922, published February 1924 in Weird Tales, 3, No. 2, 50–52, 78

Oh, Lovecraft, you wacky guy.

Who Was The Thing?

SPOILER ALERT - If you haven't seen John Carpenter's The Thing, don't read this entry. Go watch the movie and then come back.)

Over at Badass Digest, Devin Faraci bring us the details on Rob Ager's new analysis of John Carpenter's The Thing. Ager is the gentlemen who so meticulously detailed the layout of The Shining's Overlook Hotel. While the whole analysis is only available on a DVD Ager sells on his site, Faraci has included the two part video that looks at the question of whether or not Childs was The Thing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

FX's New American Horror Story



  • FX Orders 13-Episode Drama Series from Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award Winning Producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
  • Series Produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television
  • Award-Winning Cast Stars Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Taissa Farmiga, Evan Peters and Denis O’Hare
LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2011 – FX has placed a 13-episode order for its next original drama series, American Horror Story, co-created by former Nip/Tuck executive producers and current Glee co-creators/executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, announced John Landgraf, President and General Manager, FX Networks. American Horror Story begins production in Los Angeles on July 27 and will premiere on FX in October.
“We’re thrilled to welcome Ryan and Brad back to their original home,” said Landgraf. “They have shown an uncanny ability to bring original series to the air unlike any that have come before, and to reconcile ’wildly entertaining’ with the ’creatively ambitious.’ Once again, American Horror Story is a wholly unique and original take on its genre with richly drawn characters. The ability to put together a cast of stars such as Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Denis O’Hare, Frances Conroy and Oscar®-winner Jessica Lange speaks to the quality of the writing and storytelling. This series is going to blow audiences back in their seats, and we can’t wait to have it on our air.”
The pilot episode of American Horror Story, shot in Los Angeles, was written by Murphy and Falchuk, and it was directed by Murphy. In addition to Murphy and Falchuk, Dante Di Loreto will also serve as Executive Producer of the series.
“Brad and I are excited to be back at FX where we enjoyed such a terrific relationship working with John Landgraf and his team through 100 episodes of Nip/Tuck,” said Murphy. “The support of John, Dana Walden and Gary Newman on American Horror Story has been nothing short of amazing. Our cast is extraordinary and we can’t wait to get started on production.”
American Horror Story is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television.
“Ryan and Brad are two of the most original voices working in television, and their singular vision is evident in every frame of American Horror Story,” commented TCFTV Chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman. “Just as they delivered a brand new take on the musical comedy in Glee, they’ve completely reinvented the horror genre with this spellbinding series. Their script attracted a cast that is a virtual ’who’s who’ of award winning performers and the result is an electrifying piece of entertainment. It has long been our goal to bring this brilliant team back to John Landgraf and FX, where they had such success with Nip/Tuck. In American Horror Story, they are returning with something unlike anything else on the air that is a perfect fit for this channel’s brand.”
American Horror Story revolves around The Harmons, a family of three who move from Boston to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past anguish. The All Star cast features Dylan McDermott (The Practice) as “Ben Harmon,” a psychiatrist; Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) as “Vivien Harmon,” Ben’s wife; Taissa Farmiga as “Violet,” the Harmon’s teenage daughter; Jessica Lange (Tootsie, Blue Sky, Grey Gardens) in her first-ever regular series TV role as “Constance,” the Harmon’s neighbor; Evan Peters (One Tree Hill) as “Tate Langdon,” one of Ben’s patients; and Denis O’Hare (The Good Wife) as “Larry Harvey.” Guest stars for the series include Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) and Alexandra Breckenridge (Dirt) as the Harmon’s housekeepers; and Jamie Brewer as Constance’s daughter.
American Horror Story is FX’s 12th drama to receive a full 13-episode series order, and ninth out of the last ten drama pilots produced by the network to receive a series order. Other FX dramas include the Golden Globe Award winning Sons of Anarchy, the highest-rated series in the network’s history; the acclaimed Emmy Award nominated hit Justified; the critically acclaimed series Terriers, and Lights Out; Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Damages; Emmy Award nominated The Riches; Dirt; the acclaimed Over There; Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominated hit Rescue Me; Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Nip/Tuck; and Emmy and Golden Globe Award hit The Shield. FX is currently in production on two other drama series pilots, Outlaw Country, starring John Hawkes, Mary Steenburgen, Luke Grimes and Haley Bennett, and Powers, starring Jason Patric.

About the Producers

American Horror Story is Ryan Murphy’s second series for FX. In 2003, he created the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning Nip/Tuck for FX, which was ad-supported cable’s #1 scripted series in delivery of Adults 18-49 for four consecutive years. In addition, he received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. He is Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director the Emmyand Golden GlobeAwardwinning musical comedy Glee for FOX, for which he won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series. Glee is the #1 scripted hour on broadcast television in delivery of Adults 18-49 and re-energized the music business. The live Glee Tour has played to sold-out audiences across the U.S, and Europe. He is Executive Producer of The Glee Project, a reality TV series on Oxygen. In feature films, Murphy wrote the adapted screenplays for Running With Scissors and Eat, Pray, Love, both of which he also directed. Brad Falchuk first teamed with Murphy as a Co-Producer/Writer in the first season of the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning drama Nip/Tuck, spending all seven seasons on the series and rising to Executive Producer. He is Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director of the Golden Globe and EmmyAwardwinning musical comedy Glee for FOX. In addition to American Horror Story, Dante Di Loreto is an Executive Producer of the Emmyand Golden GlobeAwardwinning musical comedy Glee for FOX, and he is Executive Producer of The Glee Project on Oxygen.

About the cast

Dylan McDermott was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on The Practice, in which he played attorney “Bobby Donnell.” This role earned him three Golden Globe Award nominations and he won the award in 1999. Connie Britton garnered two Emmy Award nominations for her work on the critically acclaimed series Friday Night Lights in which she played “Tami Taylor.” In addition, she has been nominated for two Television Critics Association (TCA) Awards for her work the series. Jessica Lange has been nominated for six Academy® Awards and has won the Oscar twice in her career as Best Actress in Blue Sky and Best Supporting Actress in Tootsie. She has 11 Golden Globe nominations and four wins for her work in King Kong, Tootsie, Blue Sky and A Streetcar Named Desire. In addition, Lange has three Emmy Award nominations and won the award for her role in Grey Gardens. For five seasons, Frances Conroy starred as “Ruth Fisher” in the hit HBO drama, Six Feet Under, winning the Golden Globe Award in 2004 and earning four Emmy Award nominations. A newcomer to acting, Taissa Farmiga appeared in Higher Ground, which was directed by and starred her sister, Vera Farmiga. In addition to his co-starring role on One Tree Hill, Evan Peters has also guest starred on Parenthood, The Office and The Mentalist. Denis O’Hare has been nominated twice for Broadway’s Tony® Award: as Best Actor (Featured Role - Musical) for Assassins and as Best Actor (Featured Role - Play) in Take Me Out, for which he won the award. O’Hare was part of the ensemble of Milk, which was nominated for a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in Motion Picture.

Banning Zombies? Not A Good Idea.

The Tennessee Valley Authority bans costumes, specifically zombies, from its upcoming board meeting. Want to know how to rile protesters into becoming a zombie swarm? Ban them from your meeting.

Crowd Of Zombies

Click here to get Images & Crowd Of Zombies Pictures - Pictures

New The Woman in Black Trailer

Creepy new trailer from Daniel Radcliffe's new film, The Woman in Black (directed by James Watkins.)

You can also check the video for the stage adaptation of The Woman in Black.

Underworld 4 Trailer

Vampires and werewolves. Oh, and Kate Beckinsale naked and in neoprene.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DEATHSCRIBE 2011 Submissions Due Sept. 15th!

Ladies and Germs, your DEATHSCRIBE 2011 submissions are due September 15th.

Here are the details.

Send us your 10-minute, scary radio play, complete with sound effects notations. The DEATHSCRIBE Festival, now in its fourth year, has become one of the cool, fun annual events in Chicago. The show takes place at the beautiful Mayne Stage and the five selected pieces are directed and performed by some of Chicago's theatre finest. If your piece is selected it will read live, accompanied by a live band and live sound effects on stage. Our Guest Jury will choose the evening's winner and that author will receive the coveted Bloody Axe! Get your writing hat on and scare the hell out of us.

J. Anthony Kosar Life-Casting Seminar

WildClaw pal, J. Anthony Kosar, is teaching a life-casting seminar at his brand new studio. Highly recommended if you are a monster maker make-up fanatic or just want to get into it. The seminar will take place August 27 and 28. Enrollment info here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monocyte Signing - Menton3 and Ben Templesmith

Get on over to Chicago's coolest new comic book store, Alley Cat Comics, in Andersonville, on Wednesday, August 17, from 4PM-8PM, for a Monocyte Signing with Menton3, Kasra Ghanbari, and special guest, Ben Templesmith.

5304 N. Clark Street Rear, Chicago, Il (go down the gangway between the buildings to find the shop.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Alien Abduction Lamp

I want this lamp. You can get it here.

back hack-to-school skullduggery!!!

With the school season starting up, (and our favorite holiday just around the corner!)I think this baby should sell like a Cabbage Patch Kid back in December of 1983.

Who in their right mind would NOT want this USB hub on their desk? The top of the skull is even hollowed out to hold your fave candy (Candy Corn anyone?), keys, spare change, paper clips, razor blades, plastic spiders or even eyes of newt! You can pick this baby up at ThinkGeek.com for $24.99.

You think you'd pick one of these up -- or do you have any interesting back hack-to-school supplies you'll be begging the Great Pumpkin for? Let us know!

Friday, August 12, 2011

World War Z Set To Open Dec. 21, 2012

Deadline New York reports that Paramont has set the opening date for the film adaptation of World War Z on December 21, 2012.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

something wicked this way comes...

at least for Chicago-area Horror fans!

This weekend fans will need to decide which of the 2 conventions to attend, or whether or not it's worth it to visit both! Wizard World Comic-con and Flashback Horror Weekend will sit directly across the street from each other, taunting fanatics (and their wallets) with their respective lot of celebrity guests, activites & wares.

Wizard World will play host to an Evil Dead cast reunion, a slew of Buffy-verse celebs as well as a reunion of the cast who originally portrayed the children of the Original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory film!

While Flashback Weekend will play feature such heavy-hitters as Malcolm McDowell, Doug Bradley, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Lance Henrikson to name a few.

Tickets and a complete list of guests and activities can be found on their respective websites linked above.

Will you be attending either or both events? If so, we'll see you there!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mathematical Formula For What Makes A Movie Scary

Does this really work? Who knows, but here is a great little article on how some university experts have created an actual mathematical formula for what makes a movie scary.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Foodies Beware! Not even your wine is safe from madness? Tentacle Winestoppers...

These things are so amazing.  Check out all of Dellamorte & Co's offerings.  They are making a generous donation for our auction.  Save that date on October 10th at the Mars Gallery and please support independent creators and artists!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Um... What?

A propos of absolutely nothing...

You had me at "... the last vestiges of your sanity."

Use a Lovecraftian line in your pitch for an Army of Darknessian knick-knack, and I just might buy the damned thing.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lovecraft Fashion Watch...Octopus Business Guy

This awesome etsy seller, Dark Cycle Clothing  is generously donating a bitching Lovecraft t-shirt for our upcoming benefit in October...behold the glory...and then the madness...

Olivia Wilde's Horror Library

While this is a fashion video with House and Cowboys and Aliens star, Olivia Wilde, in the middle of the interview we discover a hidden side to her and the world of horror.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Accessorizing with Suction...Lovecraftian Headgear

I am losing my mind for this etsy store Poison Inc!  Get a look at the tentacle headgear!  Something special will be featured at our upcoming benefit gala...more news on that soon my pets.

Wildclaw and the World Loses a Wonderful Friend, Leslie Banks...lend your support.

Many of you are familiar with Leslie, or L.A. Banks, through her wonderful books.  You might have also gotten to know her at conventions, or through our interview with her, or at the recent Wildclaw/DCA panel on Women in Horror.  She was a classy lady with an infectious spirit...filled with love, humor, kindness, and toughness as well.  We loved her and based on her rabid and loyal fan base, you loved her too.  She will be sorely missed.

There is a nice remembrance article in her hometown newspaper.  Please read it and consider hitting the memorial event for her or donate to help her family with the medical bills.

The event details....

The Liars Club is sad to report that our dear friend Leslie lost her battle with cancer and passed awayon August 2nd. Please join us at the Writers' Bash to celebrate her life, her laughter, and her hugs. All funds will now go toward her family’s needs.

The Writers' Bash is a benefit for New York Times bestselling author and Philadelphia native L.A. Banks. Come out and enjoy $2 beers, $3 wines, great music and tasty munchies. If you are a writer, you must be at this event. Meet bestselling authors and bid on great silent auction items such as manuscript critiques by leading editors and literary agents. But most of all, just be there. Why? Because our friend Leslie "L.A." Banks, the woman who introduced President Obama when he came to Philadelphia to speak out for healthcare, fought her own healthcare battle. And by spending just a little at this event, we can all help Leslie's family a lot.

Writers' Bash
A Benefit For L.A. Banks
Saturday August 6th, 7 pm
Smokey Joe's Bar
208 S. 40th St., Philadelphia
$20 admission - $10 for college students (with ID) 

All Writers' Bash proceeds go toward the final expenses of author and Liars Club member L.A. Banks. Silent Auction items include manuscript critiques; ebook and print-on-demand manuscript design services; tickets and a backstage tour for Jersey Boys on Broadway; full scholarships to writer's conferences; and signed books by New York Times bestselling authors such as Charlain Harris, Heather Graham and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Tickets are available at the door, but they're going fast, so order yours now. For more information or to donate, Click here.

New York Times' Maureen Dowd Invokes Horror

In today's New York Times, columnist Maureen Dowd reaches back to her childhood to invoke more horror metaphors than I thought possible in one political column on Washington.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zombie Swimwear for all your summer rotting needs

Go on, pretend you don't love it.


Haunted House Auditions

Received word about open auditions on Wednesday, August 17th. Imagine Excalibur filled with costumed ghouls and goths acting all weird and dead and scary... well, I guess that's every weekend, but now imagine it on a Wednesday! Brrr...

Lady Morlock is a connaisseur of haunted houses. She took me to one last year that truly did a number on my adrenal gland. Wish I could remember which it was.

Fear City seems to be a swaggery new venture. Let's wish them the best of luck. And the same to you if you plan to audition.